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Nestled near the Quabbin reservoir is Great Rock Alpacas. Sitting atop a ridge created by glacial activity, near a meandering stream, is a very large rock. Viewing this rock, one can only imagine what forces created and transported this wonder of nature to our farm! The Great Rock lies here in New England, and it stirs the imagination to wonder if the camelid family ever roamed these silent forests. Today, we find a small, farm with many alpacas (and more cria on the way) happily grazing on our pristine hilltop. Explore this website to find out more about the alpacas and a wonderful, tranquil life style we have discovered. (The farm should actually be named "Life in the slow lane.")

Name: Wilpaca's Carmencita
Type: Female Huacaya
Status: Bred to My Peruvian Seagram
Birthdate: May 25, 1997
Heritage: Full Peruvian, born in USA
Sire: Peruvian Cepa, White, Peru
Dam: Lanark's Contessa, B W, USA
Carmencita is a wonderful mother, and has had 4 wonderful cria over the past couple of years. She is bred to Peruvian Seagram who has beautiful white, crimpy fleece. His father was Mr. President and had many ribbons to his name. We are expecting Carmencita's 5th cria in September and it should be a winner!
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